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SightCare Training has a reputation for quality, integrity and innovation resulting from many years of building relationships with our members based on trust and mutual respect.

SightCare training can educate your whole Practice team so they are able to deliver service excellence at all points of patient contact through knowledgeable and motivated staff thus enabling your practice to increase turnover and profits. 




Bespoke and open course training and development can be used effectively in your practice to:

  • Address specific performance issues and development needs
  • Correct the imbalances between the skills needed in the practice and the skills it currently possesses
  • Increase the collective knowledge, skills and expertise of management and all staff
  • Change the practice culture, by raising awareness and understanding of the attitudes and behaviours necessary to exceed patient expectations
  • Prepare and equip staff for the future by re-training in new skills
  • Build an even more effective team over the long term
  • Differentiate your Practice through your team

Our approach to training and development

SightCare training specialises in the design and delivery of bespoke training solutions. We work in partnership with you to understand your unique requirements.

We can then play an integral part in providing training solutions that make a positive and measurable contribution to your Practice team both now and in the future.

SightCare training works to a tried and tested approach, which is underpinned in our consultancy methodology, which reflects our principles and beliefs about how individuals learn and grow.

  • Client focussed:our start point is to take each client organisation as unique with its own culture, goals and challenges.

  • Partnership ethos: we seek to establish at the outset a working partnership with our clients such that we are sharing information and working together to achieve agreed outcomes.

  • Learning outcomes: ultimately it is essential to define clear measurable learning outcomes from any activity and then put an evaluation process in place to track actual results achieved.

  • Excellence in design: reflecting best practice in design and ensuring that real and lasting change is achieved and maintained which requires constant updating and improvement.

  • Excellence in delivery: choosing the best delivery method and then executing it with excellence requires a team of specialists of the highest calibre who themselves are committed to learn and grow and will judge their success by how delighted you are.   

We Aim 

  • To understand your needs

  • To be the most responsive and reliable

  • To be fair, objective, understanding, responsible and service-oriented

  • To have the best trained employees

  • To identify best practice for your business

  • To improve your business in terms of people and profit

  • To have effective and efficient processes

  • To offer and provide legendary service 

Training Style

  • Participative and interactive
  • Experiential

  • Leading edge

  • Proven and effective

  • Tailored to meet the needs of your business

  • Fun, exciting, memorable  

SightCare training is committed to providing products and services designed to meet your defined requirements and that are delivered on time and to an agreed price. Our objective is to provide an exemplary service that delights our customers, both corporately and individually. We believe that each member of staff has a vital part to play in achieving this goal, a policy fully supported and enabled by all of our team. 

Quality of Service 

A core value for SightCare training employees is to provide an exemplary level of service. Customer expectations are defined for each project; measurement criteria are agreed, monitored and reported on. We tailor our services to meet the customer’s needs, requirements and sensitivities. We match our customer’s needs by selecting consultants with relevant skills and knowledge.


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We can run bespoke training days on any subject, delivered when and where you want it to maximise team performance and increase profits!

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