Course 5 - Fashion Frame Styling and High End Sales and Collections!

3 CET interactive points

Are you fed up of doing too many reglazes in your practice?

Do you try and sell ‘spare’ pairs of glasses which could indicate the first pair might break?

If so, it’s time to give your patients the red carpet treatment by fashion styling them during frame selection. Frame selection entails choosing a ready-made product and adapting it to meet a patient’s lens, cosmetic and comfort needs. It is also a process where you are able to discuss lifestyle options for your patients and match frames to facial shape along with skin, hair and eye colour.

Frames can also be about making an impact on your face or blending with your natural face shape and colouring. This course is designed to create a memorable style treatment for your patients!

Who should attend?

  • all members of the practice team

Course dates

  • Scotland - 1st May 2019
  • Birmingham - 2nd May 2019
  • Belfast - 8th May 2019
  • London - 13th May 2019
  • Cardiff - 14th May 2019
  • Manchester 15th May 2019
  • Newcastle - 16th May 2019

Your investment

Sight Care members - £235.00 plus vat

Non members - £300.00 plus vat

So, what's included?

Comprehensive workbook, lunch, refreshments and all the necessary support materials


What is your X factor? Blog by Simon Burgess – SightCare Training  

To my horror, I noticed last weekend that the X Factor returned to our screens so I guess that means summer is officially over. To be fair, the first few episodes are actually quite entertaining with ‘wannabe’ pop stars who can’t sing a single note in tune, are surrounded by deluded family members egging them on. Should their families just sit them down and tell them that singing is really not for them? Some may say the ‘wannabe’ pop stars are deluded themselves to think they have the X factor but rather than celebrate the confidence and bravery it takes to stand up and perform whilst the country is watching, we laugh in their faces.

In business, should managers of retail shops sit down with certain members of staff who consistently offer ‘can’t be bothered and don’t want to learn’ poor customer service and tell them that customer facing is really not for them? I believe that everyone deserves a chance to do their best but if you can’t change the people, ‘change the people’. Sometimes, decisions have to be made for the good of the business and overall team morale.

So… what is your X factor? Have you asked everyone in your team what they think your X factor is? I guess that the ITV prime slot weekend show defines the X factor as someone who is that little bit different, who offers a unique talent when singing. For you, your X factor can be defined as something similar by substituting the word ‘singing’ with something else. What unique service do you provide that is different? Every Optical Practice can test eyes, dispense frames and lenses and offer ‘good’ customer service….but is that really the X factor?

Your X factor will be different to the next persons X factor but a key training area I have been helping SightCare members with over the past 12 years is to differentiate the way you serve your paying patients/customers throughout the customer journey… or in other words, create the X factor customer experience!

Let’s focus on just one part of the journey… how your customer trys on spectacle frames. If they have to choose a frame themselves (like some other practices) then don’t be surprised if they ask for a reglaze of their existing frame. As we get older, we don’t embrace ‘change’ like we used to when we were young so changing the way we look is something we need help with. Creating an environment where your customer can feel safe by trying on different frames assisted by their own ‘frame styling expert’ will definately increase the amount of new single frame sales you have and perhaps more than one depending on their lifestyle? Think about it, you wouldn’t wear the same footwear at the gym as you do to your best friends wedding so why are spectacles any different? After all, we are in the fashion business and eyewear can make people look amazing!

Some customers want a frame to make a real statement whereas others might want the frame to be more blended or invisible but how do you know unless you ask? Discussing with your customer how certain frame shapes can complement a particular face shape will give them real confidence that they are in the safe hands of an expert.

So… Why not provide the X factor for your patients/cutomers by making them feel special and offer a frame styling consultation service which creates a fun, interactive service which they won’t get anywhere else. Don’t try it on everybody and create stress for your chosen frame experts, do a ‘test and measure’ which means to try it on a select couple of customers every other day and measure the results and how it made the customer feel. If you find that it makes a great difference, slowly start to introduce the new and improved service.

Remember to talk about what your X factor service will look like with all of your team so that everyone has a clear understanding of the actions/behavioiurs required to wow your customers. This might include the way you handle the frames as well as the way you display or show them to your customer… yes, there are better ways than clutching 3 frames together in one hand which I constantly see when visiting practices.

Good luck and I’m always happy to take any phone calls if you want a chat about your unique X factor!



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