Our new Managers Development Programme is NOW available to help you and your manager develop the very best leadership and management skills.

Effective management and good leadership skills are critical to the success of any business, providing higher morale, lower staff turnover, increased productivity and ultimately an increase in bottom line profits.

Today's managers are required to be flexible enough to embrace changes and uncertainty, creative enough to excel with limited resources, but strong enough to achieve business goals! Your success as a business will depend on your team's performance and your own ability to lead, motivate and inspire them to reach their personal best.

Although many practices already have programmes in place to support new employees,  not all have access to support and training necessary to develop and nurture their more experienced mid level practice staff or the time and discipline to focus on developing their own leadership qualities.

The absence of these critical development programmes means that members of the practice team may grow frustrated at their inability to progress and influence the business, placing more pressure on you to achieve your business objectives.


"High performing practices have one thing in common - highly trained leaders and managers."

The Managers Development Programme, exclusive to Sight Care members, is designed to provide you and your managers with the skills and knowledge necessary to build a motivated and effective practice team. 

This bespoke programme, delivered by experts in the industry, will cover vital areas including:  team building, running team meetings, facilitation skills, team communication, patient complaints, problem solving, appraisals, and many more areas critical to developing effective management and leadership skills.

Today's managers are expected to be superheroes: flexible enough to embrace change and uncertainty, creative enough to excel with limited resources and reduced manpower, and powerful enough to survive and thrive in a business world rocked by crises, upheavals and economic strife.

Now more than ever, your success depends on your team's performance and your ability to lead, motivate and inspire them to reach their personal best. Leading by example, coaching, counseling, mentoring, delegation tactics, conflict resolution, interviewing and hiring techniques — if you don't excel in every single one of these areas, your ability to manage others effectively could be in jeopardy.

Research has consistently shown that high performing Practices have got highly trained leaders and managers.

Register your interest but note that places may be limited

Sight Care training is dedicated to providing you and your managers, regardless of age, the skills and knowledge relevant to the job role as well as assisting you in building and training a motivated and skilled workforce.

Your bespoke development delivered by experts in our industry will include areas such as appraisals, running Practice team meetings, patient complaints, problem solving, team building, facilitation skills and team communication to name but a few.

If you want to learn more, email me at either or but note we will process applications from Practices in the order that they are registered via email and funding may be limited. Also note that the funding from the Government is matched funding.

To learn more, email me at either or with the subject title 'Managers' but note it will be first come first served for places.

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Simon Burgess
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